My thoughts on goal setting

So I love to travel but I always need to make sure I enjoy my current life. I don’t want to live for the future, I want to enjoy every single day. So how do I set myself up to do that? Well for one, I’m a big believer in goals and rituals to help you get there. Achieving my goals gives me the same exhilarating feeling as when I step on a plane to a new place by myself. So I’m always working to recreate that feeling and goals work for me. The thing about goals though is they can feel so huge and unattainable sometimes. Like a mountain to climb with no energy to do so. To help, I create little rituals that change my behavior each day to get me closer to my goals. I hope this is making sense but if it’s not here is an example.


  • own my own successful travel adventure company


  • wake up 5x a week at 5 to work for one hour on this goal before getting ready for my job. In this hour I usually research other successful companies I would like to model mine after, research destinations and plan itineraries for my future guests, find the most kick ass accommodation you never see in magazines or blogs.
  • Make my lunch every evening before bed. This helps me save money to invest in my business launch and growth.
  • Workout 3x a week: this keeps my body in an optimal state which I find also helps me preform better at work and in my personal life
  • Go grocery shopping every Sunday night no matter what: this sets me up for a healthy week filled with nutritious and affordable meals. If I skip this ritual I end up eating out all week and generally feeling blah

I highly recommend creating up to 5 rituals you will complete every week to work towards your goals. Goals are also important to revisit and reassess every few months as your priorities change. My goals change and evolve so much over time; that doesn’t mean I am giving up on them, just that I am being real with myself when they need to be adjusted. If you’re looking for more guidance on creating goals and rituals, I found this blog post really helpful.