I’m secretly hilarious…

In the spirit of sharing more about me, one of my friend’s recently commented that I should share with my readers how funny am I. Okay that sounds really arrogant but everyone always tells me what a great sense of humor I have although I don’t think that comes across in the written word. One of my dreams would be to preform improv although the idea is also frightening. I have no experience preforming in front of groups, I’ve just been told that I am quick witted so it seems that could be perfect for improv.

I’ve also thought about doing stand up but I think that’s not as good of a fit. With stand up you’re writing your own jokes and telling them over and over again. I’m actually terrible at telling stories and need to improve but already that tells me stand up ain’t for me. I think just coming up with great one liners and hitting back is more of my comedic style which is totally perfect with improv. The problem is I don’t have a ton of free time. I’m currently working two jobs to pay the bills and working on starting my own business as well so I feel guilty dedicating myself to hobbies like this until my life is a bit more stable. It’s my current goal to take a improv in 2018 to dip my toes in the water and see how I like it. My friend also introduced me to these online classes that’s I’m going to watch when I have to just to get a feel for how improv works. Online classes could be great start if your schedule is packed like mine although I still want to practice and learn in person. I will write about my experience here when the time comes!

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