Travel bug

You guys, I have such wanderlust for the next adventure. I haven’t been on an international adventure in what feels like forever and I am getting seriously antsy. Like I can’t handle it. Where should I go next? Part of me wants to go somewhere warm with a beach but still have it be a bit off the beaten track. Another part of me wants to go on a crazy hiking adventure and go completely off the grid for like 2 weeks. Do I relax and eat all the things or sweat my ass off but feel such a sense of accomplishment? Neither would be a bad choice, now I guess I just have to watch for best flights and research possible itineraries and weigh those against how much time and money I have. Have I mentioned I love planning vacations?!

Where are you guys dying to go? I would love to learn more about my readers! I know I need to do some posts on what my actual itineraries are and some places I recommend and I will work on those! Thanks for checking my blog out, it really means so much to me!

30 thoughts on “Travel bug”

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