My Adventure in Hawaii!

Hello friends! As many of you know Hawaii has been on my bucket list for some time. I am happy to report I finally made it there! I visited Waikiki and Honolulu for one week and it was pure magic. It’s such a beautiful place and it definitely does not feel like you’re in the US. The beaches are so beautiful with white sand and blue turquoise water. And the water is actually pretty warm!

On of my favorite things I did while I was there was camping on the north shore. At the start of my trip I was staying in an Airbnb in Waikiki by myself but it was so touristy there I just couldn’t wait to find somewhere more remote. I heard about the north shore from someone I met on the beach and I took a bus there later that day. It was absolutely gorgeous and so quiet and peaceful I knew I needed to come back. I came across a campground that had these little huts you could rent (for those without a tent like me) so I reserved a room for the remainder of my trip and took the bus back to Waikiki to get my belongings. By night I was settled in and a neighbor asked me to join a fire they were having a the campsite next door. They shared hot dogs and potato salad with me and it was just the best meal! I love the kindness of strangers.

I spent most of my days walking the beach and swimming when I got too hot. I met so many friendly travelers. That’s the thing I love about traveling along – you meet so many more people!

Here’s an image of one of the beautiful beaches…isn’t it amazing?! I hope to share more later!